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NOVEMBER DIARY [9 ITEMS]: the New Chinese Ice Age; "Minoritarianism"; NATIONAL REVIEW's Memory-Holing Needs Attention; ...

The Unz Review 02 Dec 2021
The second story involves one of the few black mathematicians whom white mathematicians acknowledge as great—or, I should say, “black American mathematicians,” since obviously Euclid, Eratosthenes and other African mathematicians outshone Europe’s brightest stars for millennia.

Let us never forget: The South African Constitution is written in blood

Mail Guardian South Africa 21 Nov 2021
By contrast, save for a tiny sliver of the fortunate few, African people are spectators in the land game ... This was also the period in which large numbers of African children obtained education in Christian missionary schools. Much has been written about the earlier missionary schools as sites of “civilisation”.

Professor Joan Khabele, remembered as a doyen of African studies and influencer of many on ...

Independent online (SA) 14 Nov 2021
I was part of the first cohort to take the African studies programme under Joan ... Later, as a civil servant travelling to Goree Island in Senegal and looking through the window of no-return causes you to ask questions of the role and contribution of Africa and Africans in world civilisation and their right to claim their space.

Manish Tewari | An alliance of civilisations: Can it give India leverage?

Deccan Chronicle 07 Nov 2021
These include Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu, Slavic-Orthodox, Latin American and, possibly, African civilisation. The most important conflicts of the future will occur along the cultural fault lines separating these civilisations from one another”.

Dr Michael Baah Biney: Snoring in adults

Joy Online 03 Nov 2021
The social structure of African civilisation is designed in such a way that we don’t easily open up about our problems after we reach adulthood, especially if you are male. Many people have health problems but are hesitant to discuss them ... We all snore now and then, but if it becomes a habit, you should seek professional help ... You are not alone.

Black history should not be ignored or isolated – it is part of our everyday lives

Irish Independent 02 Nov 2021
Throughout modern history, we have been taught that Europeans brought civilisation to the African continent – the place that black history starts – and some of the narration goes as far as saying that assimilation and Christianity were imposed on the natives to save them from themselves.

Prime Minister visits Egypt’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Egypt Commercial News 31 Oct 2021
He added that “the government spares no effort to support the Egypt pavilion, to reflect the country’s historic civilisation as a regional and global heavyweight as well as the great history it shares with the Middle Eastern and African countries.”.

The flat that changed history

Islington Tribune 28 Oct 2021
The writer and activist, who lived in Cranleigh Street, was instrumental in helping the formation of Ghana – formerly the Gold Coast – as the first post-colonial, self-governed African state ... There were signed photos on the walls sent by African American stars ... “He wanted to forge links between British and African workers.”.

Mathematics in Africa has been written out of history books – it’s time we reminded ...

The Independent 24 Oct 2021
But the records we do have, some written, and some bound up in historical artefacts that give a glimpse of daily life, tell us that complex mathematics was always central to the activities of African civilisations, just as it always has been to civilisations in other regions of the world.

For African nations, capital punishment is a grim colonial legacy that lingers on

The Observer 10 Oct 2021
In July, Sierra Leone became the 23rd African country to abolish the death penalty ... Colonial judges severely prosecuted these crimes, which stood as evidence of the so-called “savagery” of Africans, legitimising the necessity of the French’s “civilising mission” in Africa.

Akala, Bernardine Evaristo, Ben Okri and more pick 20 classic books by writers of colour

The Observer 03 Oct 2021
One of the great historians alive in Britain today, he focuses on African ancient and medieval civilisations and wider Black achievements in art, mathematics, architecture, science etc ... The African novel is so rarely praised for its formal innovation but this daring and unboundaried work certainly needs to be considered on those terms.”.

Celebrating Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah - Founding power behind Ghana, African Union

Graphic 20 Sep 2021
Considering the new scrambles and sneaky designs on Africa today, if the continent is to remain for Africans, ignoring him would be at a great risk ... “The great millions of Africans [are] rebelling against the false belief that providence created some to be the menials of others.” ... Mau Mau fighters were hunted down from the east African hills.

Education is a fallacy until it recognises Africa as a cradle of civilisation – Diallo Sumbry

Ghana Web 24 Aug 2021
Ghana’s first African-American Tourism Ambassador has called for further education on Africa’s history in schools ... Ghana’s first African-American Tourism Ambassador and the CEO of the Adinkra Group, Diallo Sumbry, has pointed that formal education in history without the recognition of Africa’s role in civilisation only becomes a fallacy.

Nigeria’s 2023 elections and the Zambian challenge

Business Day Online 22 Aug 2021
Juxtaposing it with Nigerian election, Obi said that the people of Zambian have shown that election, “unlike what is sadly obtainable in Nigeria and most African countries is not war or atavistic throwback to the era of killing or getting killed, but a civilised act of allowing the people show their political preferences.”.