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Waning funds threaten Gandhi’s South African legacy

Mail Guardian South Africa 26 Mar 2023
Before becoming one of the 21st century’s towering figures as the icon of Indian independence, Gandhi lived in Britain’s southern African colony from 1893 to 1915 ... Most of the victims were black South Africans ... Gandhi used racial slurs in some of his writing, also claiming that Indians were “infinitely superior” to black Africans.

The history of the American South is as contested as ever

New Statesman 19 Mar 2023
By the 1850s, with abolitionism in the ascendant, Southern elites were telling themselves that the plantation was a gentlemanly, civilising tradition, quite superior to Northern business greed, when in fact the plantation was subjecting African Americans to the most primitive ...

Pakistan imposing colonial policies in Balochistan

Greek City Times 18 Mar 2023
The end of the second world war not only marked the defeat of Nazi Germany and fascism but also proved to be a nail in the coffin of British colonialism ... “The white men’s burden” for civilising their colonies or terming the Africans as none but “Aps” remained a common theme during Western colonial rule ... The cherry on the cake ... 0. 0 ... .

Indian treasures in US museum: Western institutions must move beyond talk of decolonisation

Indian Express 15 Mar 2023
So much African art in French museums? Can it be viewed without reflecting on the history of colonialism? Is the museum a civilisational project for the former coloniser? Is it trying to offer benign patronage while attempting to archive and safeguard African art? Who is trying ...

When did humans start experimenting with alcohol and drugs?

Canoe 07 Mar 2023
African hunter-gathers – Bushmen, Pygmies and the Hadzabe people – likely live their lives in ways similar to ancestral human cultures ... While in America psychedelics appear to have been particularly important, Eurasian and African civilisations seem to have preferred alcohol ... It’s possible large civilisations simply drive innovation of all kinds.

The history of hunting, and its role in wildlife conservation

Indian Express 03 Mar 2023
Consequently, over the next two million years, the human brain grew proportionally larger than those of any other living organisms, allowing us to formulate advanced means of communication and other skills needed to sustain complex civilisations ... African countries that permit it.

Emmanuel Macron is right to want to return African art to Africa

New Statesman 02 Mar 2023
African governments reject this view, arguing that investments in state-of-the-art museums such as Senegal’s Museum of Black Civilisations or the planned Edo Museum of West African Art in Nigeria prove they can be trusted to safeguard their own cultural artefacts.

Celebrating Black History month

B & FT Online 20 Feb 2023
In the latter part of 2022, African leaders attended the USA-African Leadership Summit in New York City ... Adams also alluded to the fact that mayors of four of other most important cities in the USA are also African-Americans ... In fact, at this time the world should be celebrating the contributions of Africans to world civilisation and development.

Cancel that thing: Sona has lost credibility and deteriorated into circus without any substance

Independent online (SA) 09 Feb 2023
... African people by providing them with European second-hand clothes as a bargaining tool to gain the devotion of the superiors” (Lyns.2014) ... It is nothing short of the “us and them” culture of the Colonialist that divided South Africans into the civilised and the uncivilised.

Motives for channelling of election funds into Africa by West has been questioned

Independent online (SA) 05 Feb 2023
It is believed that this support will go a long way towards improving the electoral environment, promoting democracy, and averting potential conflict which has often followed disputed elections in many African countries ... IFES has worked in more than 20 African countries to improve the electoral processes.

Villains and Victims: An Unexpected Outbreak of Hate-Fact at the World’s Greatest Newspaper, by Tobias Langdon

The Unz Review 03 Feb 2023
Indeed, the article quoting him explicitly notes that Ethiopia was “the only African country to have ... Instead, official narratives focus on Ethiopia’s ancient Christian civilisation and its reputation as the only African country to have successfully resisted European colonisation.

Chad to open embassy in Israel five years after renewing ties

Gulf News 01 Feb 2023
An Israeli official said the Muslim-majority African country’s embassy would be in the Tel Aviv area. “This is a country laden with history and this the land of civilisation, of all the monotheistic faiths,” Deby told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video statement.

Olu Omishore: My Crafts Celebrate African Artistic History

This Day 27 Jan 2023
It was founded to expand and promote African/Yoruba culture and art in homes ... All the sculptures produced during this period exemplify African civilisation at the height of its power ... I am not a worshiper of the Olokun deity, but I am proud of my culture and the Yoruba artisan contribution towards African art and world history.

FESTAC’77@45: Deepening Intercultural Dialogue and Integration for Global Peace

This Day 25 Jan 2023
... and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC), Hon ... Also, the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation was borne after the successful hosting and all the materials from the festival handed over to CBAAC to add to the pool of knowledge on African Culture and Civilisation.

‘If you had money, you had slaves’: how Ethiopia is in denial about injustices of the past

The Observer 18 Jan 2023
Photograph. Fred Harter ... Instead, official narratives focus on Ethiopia’s ancient Christian civilisation and its reputation as the only African country to have successfully resisted European colonisation ... In the 1930s, Benito Mussolini used the issue to justify his invasion of Ethiopia, which Italian fascist propaganda cast as a “civilising mission” ... .